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    About Us


    Say hello to talent from Africa

    What is the Made in Africa Marketplace?

    Made in Africa strives to be the leading freelancing and outsourcing marketplace dedicated to Africa.

    Through this platform;

    We have created an online workplace which directly connect local African Professionals (Experts at a given job, know the local market and customs) with International and local Clients conveniently and faster than ever before.

    Freelancing Trends

    Freelancing has become a promising alternative to traditional employment in today’s digital era. For clients, it provides a broader access to specialized skills, flexibility, faster hiring process and round-the-clock productivity. And for freelance consultants,  a new job opportunity is just a click away on Made in Africa.

    With the internet and mobile penetration growing faster in Africa than before. Made in Africa  shall create equal opportunities and facilitate entrepreneurship and  employment.

    Goals of Made in Africa

    Made in Africa will be the gateway to intelligent research and investing; and a force for positive social impact across  Africa. Through this platform, we aim to be the catalyst for business success in Africa, assisting clients to be better, outsmart competitors and not outspend them.


    To connect clients (Businesses,  NGOs, Investors etc.) with great African talent faster than ever before.


    To create economic and social value on a global scale by providing a trusted online workplace to connect, collaborate, and succeed.

    Services available On Demand

    • Market Research
    • Business Matchmaking
    • Research & Investment Analysis
    • Business Plan & Strategy Advising
    • Company Registration & Licensing
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Market-Entry Strategy
    • Private Equity &  Investment Advisory
    • Accounting, Tax & Auditing
    • Due Diligence
    • Monitoring & Evaluation
    • Business Development

    • E-commerce & Digital Marketing
    • Tour & Events Management
    • Governance & Human Rights Research
    • Environment & Sustainable Development
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Human Resources Management
    • Project Management
    • Translation & Content Creation
    • Benchmarking & Competitive Analysis

    Our Clients and Consultants 


    Our clients represent the entire spectrum of commerce and industry from small businesses to large corporations, research firms, non-profit organizations, governments, retail and institutional investors. Made in Africa uses its expertise acting as an intermediary, connecting both local and international clients with top-notch African freelance consultants.

    Freelancing Consultants (Experts)

    The freelancing consultants can be individual experts with industry experience, local business consultancy, research institutions that possess the expertise required for the task to be completed. Alumni members of the big 4 consulting firms such as Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, and Ernst & Young form part of freelancers.
    Made in Africa has partnered with local professional bodies among others to assist with the vetting process of the experts.

    Impact created by the Made in Africa Marketplace

    1. The product is rock solid
      • One Stop Shop
      • Faster
      • Affordable with great quality
    2. Convenience and variety to choose from
    3. Synergy between bottom-up and top-down solutions
    4. Local knowledge and expertise
    5. Additional Income for local Experts
    6. Equal Opportunities- A freelancer is chosen based on meritocracy, no gender, racial or class discrimination.
    7. Brings transparency, facilitate entrepreneurship and employment