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    How it works

    Post a Project

    • A client is able to post projects after login or signup on the site. It’s always free

    Bid a Project

    • Freelancers can find different projects on the main page and start bidding to join the interested project by the “Apply” button.
    • Clients can also invite the freelancers first via their profiles as well. After that, the freelancers can take a look at the project details and decide to bid it or not.

    Accept a Bid

    • Client will review the bids in the project detail page and decide to accept or ignore a bid.
    • When client chooses the most suitable freelancer to work his project, he clicks the “Accept” button on the bid list.

    Open the Workspace

    • Once a bid is accepted, both client and freelancer can open the workspace to have further discussion regarding the project./li>
    • In this page, they can send private messages to each other and offer attached files as well./li>
    • The client will also transfer the payment to the Made in Africa escrow account

    Complete the project

    • The client will review the project when the freelancer finishes.
    • If the client is satisfied with the project, he clicks the “Finish” button and writes a review for the freelancer. Payment is then automatically released by Made in Africa to the Freelancer.
    • This project is now considered as Completed, the freelancer will press “Review & Complete” button to review and rate back for the Client.
    • If the Client isn’t happy with the freelancer’s performance after reviewing the project, he can hit the “Close” button to send a dispute to Made in Africa team.